Colon health after 45: All vital woman should know

Colon health after 45:
All vital woman should know

No one likes to talk about the health of the colon, or fiber, or anything that has to do with this region of the body. But
Colon things that every woman should know a healthier and happier vital for survival.

Symptoms of bad colon health

Aging and menopause comes with a certain amount of aches and pains, and very easy to ignore the symptoms When something is in fact an error occurs. It is not always easy to say that you are suffering from the weakness of the colon Health symptoms until they become too painful to ignore. Pay attention to your body, look for warning signs You have a healthy colon problems.
Ongoing changes in bowel habits, including chronic
Diarrhea or constipation can be a sign that something is wrong
With two points. Bloody stools and chronic pain in the stomach,
Unexplained weight loss, extreme fatigue, nausea or vomiting
All signs of ill health of the colon may be. Pay attention to changes in the Your body, do not be afraid to discuss these changes with your the doctor.

Maintaining good colon health
Some change lifestyles as a function to maintain the health of the colon, and Learn what to avoid to prevent colon problems and pain.
There are a lot of excessive alcohol consumption, smoking and red
The development of obesity and processed meats to put pressure on the health of your colon.
And the elimination or reduction of these elements to keep the colon dramatically Whether health.

Regular exercise and a diet rich in fiber, regular
Fruits and vegetables and consume a large amount of
And vitamin D to maintain the health of the colon.
Get a colonoscopy
You have to do more than maintain a proper diet to ensure good colon health. Regular check-ups
Prevention of colorectal cancer and the prevention of many other types of colon problems. Guidelines recommend screening
Women have a colonoscopy every 10 years from 50.45 years, Americans of African descent.

Colon health is a shame, because it is the subject of the functions of the body, that no one wants to talk.

Colonoscopy is the subject of a terrifying, because it seems to defy all logic and gravity. However, “that can really save your
Life, “as a member of EmpowHER VN improve health – change
Showing life.

“This is not a small camera cable tends to include rectal
Transformation of the colon, “says Dr. EmpowHER Writer
Carrie Jones. That sounds terrible. However, the American College of Doctors recommend that everyone has made one. In general,
You can get as a matter of routine, about 50 years of age.
In addition to colorectal cancer, can be detected by colonoscopy
“Polyps, diverticulitis, diverticulosis disease, disease / Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis Colitis and obstruction, and the masses, and inflammation of the year, “is you.I do not want any of it. If any of these conditions Unchecked and untreated, it will only get worse.

And the dreaded colonoscopy
“We have a real test for the two points to save lives,” he says
Blogger Sharon VN 123. doctor recommended test
When you’re playing 50. She put him, and he refused, and said even Finally, given the age of 62.

“I must admit that I was financial gain and not because I
It was brave. I was about to retire and wants to perform the operation “She said:” My insurance company so I put quotation marks I really do not know why it took me a long time, but I really do not feel well He was a candidate for colon cancer. “The insistence on a healthy diet, and I felt great. I had to fear?
But it had to be a test, and it was. “I had four polyps.”
123. very scary for me polyps Sharon, but things fortunately discovered and treatment, and I think now This is a good experience.

chataround VN Members relates: “I had my first colonoscopy to me a few months after turning 50. This was the
There are no events! ”

Be healthy
Sometimes the test is even more terrible than the disease, but it is a necessary evil. Some women do not even remember
Colonoscopy procedure. Others find something you certainly can live through once every 10 years.
There are many problems that can affect the health of your colon, and some of them can kill you. Get the best deal
And maintaining good health of the colon. The rest of the body remains happy, and you can save a lot of pain and

Being healthy is worth some uncomfortable tests and some additional fiber in your daily diet. to me Colon health is worth all the sacrifices it takes some time.

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Cholesterol after 45: All the vital woman should know

Cholesterol after 45:
All the vital woman should know

I think it’s too small to cholesterol problems? You may have a greater risk than you think. Opinion
Lively woman should know about cholesterol after 45 years, and find ways to stay healthy in 55.65,
5 for all other birthdays to come.
Bad cholesterol
Your body needs cholesterol, but too much of a good thing It is a bad thing. Cholesterol can build up in the arteries,
By having the effect of hardening, which limits the flow of blood to O The problem is that high cholesterol itself does not cause Symptoms. It can not be seen even a lot of cholesterol High even something more dramatic happens. High cholesterol in the blood It can cause heart attacks when enough blood supply

History cholesterol Hared. “My cholesterol
He was a member of the VN Judi50 + to stop the cholesterol drugs taken, so he had to change his diet to control “Oats and oat bran and fiber-rich foods,” is the first on your list. Also eats fish for omega-3 fatty acids.


And follow a diet high in saturated fats can cause cholesterol to rise.

Weight gain may also increase cholesterol and the risk of Factor for heart disease, which increases the danger. after Menopause is cholesterol common in women Height. You have to find ways to keep the stay In good health. Ideally, you should keep cholesterol less than 200 Mg / dL.1.
Control cholesterol diet by
“You can control the cholesterol with diet, and this is how I control it My country. “Members prominent commentator Laura VN recently image 250, “she said Laura obtained by the” 180 by eating oatmeal for breakfast, along with the elimination of proce
Food. “Sometimes, even a simple little change can make a big difference in your overall health.

Numbers. I did some research and discovered five foods that lower cholesterol and promote heart health.

“Walnuts, almonds and other nuts,” is an important part of your diet as well. It is recommended olive oil for May CLI Start cooking with them to add more of them to your diet.
Great radical change of dietary cholesterol VN blogger was Vonnie Kennedy High cholesterol in the blood, as well as many The women. They refused in the beginning, when the doctor suggested that it has become Vegetarian “, but stayed for four months and found Meat and he jumped all bad. ”
Changes in diet can be exciting for radical changes Cholesterol levels in the blood. After four months of free eating meat,
Vonnie was in “bad cholesterol by 60 points !! That’s not all. I
It was good cholesterol by 16 points !!! “We have also lost £ 12, which is She said all the side effects that a healthy diet.
Other members of the VN recommends different dietary changes. VN
Says a member of Helenw “wheat free” after watching her
The couple began to lose weight on a diet without sugar and wheat-free, she I decided to do the same thing. “I have spent my life a life-size 37-inch waist To 35 inches in only 11 days. ”
“I stopped eating meat, except fish and chicken and my numbers have fallen dramatically,” says VN Members MARIA. “Wheat causes inflammation in many people, and this in turn leads to higher bad cholesterol …”.
Exercise to keep cholesterol under control You can also reduce high cholesterol through healthy exercise. He also explained VN Moe Brock, “get much more … Exercise to raise HDL. “Raise good cholesterol and lowering bad cholesterol. And” good cholesterol helps ”
Anti-do evil, and rebalanced to be healthy again. To work, he must
Exercise regularly.

Regular exercise and reduce cholesterol in the blood, can help you feel better in a number of different ways. Stay active You can reduce hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms, keep your weight under control and keep your heart health. Try to get at least 30 minutes of exercise on health. Even something as simple as cleaning the house is Form of exercise.

Find ways to keep your cholesterol levels in good health, and to find more ways to keep your body healthy and happy.

And cervical cancer after the age of 45: All vital woman should know

And cervical cancer after the age of 45:
All vital woman should know

Vitally important for every woman should know that more than four thousand of them will die of cervical cancer this year,
Based on estimates from previous cases. Now I know exactly what you can do to maintain health and prevention
at worst.

What is cervical cancer?

Diagnosis of about 12,000 women with cervical cancer annually.
Diagnosis average, about 48.24% of all cases of age
And occur in women between the ages of 45 to 54. This has the largest age The mortality rate, and more than 24 percent of the women in the group of death Cervical cancer.

This sounds difficult, but once you know the facts
Step forward for the possibilities. There are ways to treat and
Prevention of cervical cancer, early screening can play a key role in
Stay longer in good health. More information about the options available to the right in front of you Now, start putting into practice.

Know your body, know your symptoms

It is generally accepted that your body will start betrayal
We are, increasingly, after the birth of a holiday feast 45 and you are going Before menopause, and everything goes crazy. but not
Be very quick to reject these pains, these strange sensations
In this sense that something is not right. Do not ignore your time
Body, will also be the first to know that you are in danger
The development of a deadly cancer.

VN blogger Hannah Grufferman asked some questions are afraid
On women’s health. “If you know there is a murderer loose
More than 21,000 women attacked each year – almost
15,000 of them die as a result – there is no need to find …
Killer and bring him down? “He asked.

“If you find that many women – and their doctors – who got the heads-up, or ignored
Signs or confused with other possibilities, which came too late? ”


Talk about ovarian cancer and cancer of the cervix of the uterus and other types of cancer that attack the female genital organ.
It is very easy to overlook or ignore the symptoms, treatment and satisfied. Look No.

Your body, never shy to have been checked by a doctor.
Symptoms such as bloating, constipation can signal cancer problems, and can be copied or pelvic pain. inexpressible
Weight loss, indigestion, incontinence, fatigue, constipation – these can all be signs of cancer. Then Are the types of diseases that women who are willing to suffer and simply ignore. If you notice any Or more of these symptoms is a chronic disease, you should consult your doctor.

“These are the symptoms checked by a specialist doctor, even if you have always uncomfortable From intestinal problems, but especially if you do not come suddenly disappear after a few weeks. not Delay, “says Grufferman.

Prevention of cervical cancer There may be many different risk factors increase the chances of cancer of the cervix. Never being pregnant and You can get pregnant after thirty increased risk of age, among other factors. Prevention of cervical cancer
Practice a healthy life. Maintain a healthy weight and eating a lot of fruits and vegetables.

Talk to your doctor about your family medical history to advise you of any increased risk of cancer, consider Its symptoms, seek treatment immediately if you develop cervical cancer or any other cancer. Search Choice, find a course of action that works best for you. Whenever you work, the better.

Be aggressive, they have a hysterectomy “One-third of American women at the end of the day and uterus removed half a million women in the United States.

They have a hysterectomy each year, “says Ellen Dolgen VN blogger.

Hysterectomy, either in total or partial removal of the uterus, is the most common fibrous treatment Tumors. And the prevention of cervical cancer and other types of cancer, nearly 15 percent of them for the treatment and / or The ovaries and uterus, the endometrium. Hysterectomy “kills cancer cells and prevents cancer The proliferation of “Dolgen agreement.

Many women are afraid that having a hysterectomy, because it will reduce her femininity. Some do not like The idea of ​​being dependent on hormones, but this is not a certainty after hysterectomy. VN Members chataround that it is not necessary to replace the hormone. She had a hysterectomy at the age of 47.
“Since the surgery, I feel very good, and they were not in the need to replace the hormone … I think we should be careful And proactive about our own health, and there are a lot of people on the Internet who want to scare us Hysterectomy. I’m here and I never felt better to say that I would love to have a hysterectomy, even earlier I did. ”
Every woman should know your options vital to prevent and treat cervical cancer in maintaining good relations health. Pay attention to the warning signs, and do not expect to work if there was something wrong. Uterine cancer is very neck Treatable. And it can be fatal, but it should not be.

45 tumors following models: the vitality of every woman should know

45 tumors following models: the vitality of every woman should know
Tumors have a reputation of belonging to the elderly, but the truth is that many of the vital women
Hem between the ages of 45 and 60 to find out what you should know about tumors, keep your feet a lot of
Eye and suffering.
As your feet feeling?
In fact, “only to fall apart after a certain age … 60 years to stand out,” says one member of the input VN
Commentator Julie Cochran.
When it comes to tumors, and this has some truth in the statement
So. Bone tumors are the blocks that appear on the big toe. this
It is because of your toe to force them out of position, and
It is detailed in the wrong direction to pay. With the passage of time, and this
Create tumors – Detailed feet painful enlarged. Some shoes,
Such as high heels, which is a common cause of tumors. this is the reason
So usually women appear vibrant life who put pressure on the
His feet over many years.
Shoes that are too tight, and are often responsible when tumors
It can also be hereditary, and can be caused by
arthritis. If you notice a significant expansion joint of his finger and looking for
You may need
Tumor. Consult your doctor to start
The treatment of the problem and find tumors before they g
Much worse.
How to treat tumors
Once the tumors in the detailed finger, you have a little hard
Standing decisions. Treatment is not easy, and
Links do not, and you have to make some lifestyle changes if
I want to prevent tumors in the future. Even after treatment,
Tumors can evolve again if you do not make the appropriate changes.
“Nothing but makes surgery [tumors] smaller,” as one member of Our Lady of Dallas VN say about the tumor.
“Leaving high heels,” she advises.
Surgery is certainly option when you have a tumor, these are the most common method of treatment.
However, it can not be your only option.
The Daily Mail suggests that millions of people suffer from tumors, and that the vast majority of them
In women over the age of 45. During the standard surgical treatment of tumors, and bone fractures in the foot doctor
And again groups, even with the correct alignment. Spare part of the tumor to reshape the foot to normal
Position. Recovery time is slow and can be painful for traditional surgery. You will be able to walk again
After a brief period of work, but full recovery may take several months.
Modern methods of treatment available, but is still far from traditional surgery only option. Doctors
Also use less invasive techniques. In the development of bones, surgeons drilled a clean cut
Then run to restore the natural shape of the foot. It is assigned to any ligaments and skip the whole surgery
Minute. As members of incitement was used to run the country of residence of the tumor, rather than having
Corrective surgery.
Problem management
When you have a tumor, you have to make some changes. From
The first step when you have a tumor? Following in the footsteps of
Many Members of VN. Choose shoes that will not do
Worsening of tumors.
“Because of my doctor, I use the width of B, with the exception of my heel
AAA. So I tend to rub blisters on the back of the heel. This is
Why use an open-back shoes, “says a VN Terry Janet members.
There is a need to make small changes like that. Tumors change form
Of your foot, so you may need to use the new shoe size. No.
Use old shoes, which are no longer valid, because this will lead not only to
Cause more pain and exacerbate the problem.
“New Balance [Shoes] are great for people with foot problems.
They have a number of attractive sports shoes in the house
Goods “refers rituals member of VN.
If you have tumors it’s a good idea to use a shoe insert
Comfortable fit and soften your steps, but still should be given
Even in high heels. Do not wear high heels 2 inches
Extraction assembly to keep the foot in the correct position, and
Ease some of the pain. This will not solve the problem, but
We will help you escape the pain. The application of a tumor or a block of ice directly to the tumor panel also provide
some rest.
Right foot
Avoid shoes that put pressure on the detailed toe to prevent tumors and other foot problems. Talk to your doctor
When I realized the tumor markers to determine treatment methods that prevent it from getting worse. Certainly
Untreated tumors, or that you have a lot of trouble and found a large shoe face
The amount of pain.
Take good care of your feet, and they will take better care of you.

Breast health after 45: All vital woman should know

All vital woman should know

Oud breast health and keep you alive longer. Find out what you should know about breasts vibrant.
T is too early to start thinking about the best ways to take care of this part of your body.

Fear of breast health data You can not live your life in fear, but there are some things that you should know about breast health.

Research will be 1 in 8 women in the United States get breast ancer at some point in their lives.
This is about 12 percent of all American women.
You can get breast cancer, even if there was no family history of the disease of any kind. From The truth – or at least to a statistical record – 85 No percent of all cases of breast cancer in women We do not have a family history of cancer. This happens due to the age and Life pregnancy risk factors.

This is scary, yes, even scary. But the more you know Breast health, the more increases the chances of survival
In good health.

BSE history
It is literally impossible to go through life as a child, and then,
Women without hearing about self-examination for breast cancer.

Talk about it, the teacher said, fainted Literature So there from television commercials touting him. It is safe for They say that women know who is supposed to be reviewed Breasts for lumps and irregular. However, in spite of everything Many women do not make you remember.

This was the case for a anir VN members. After staying in the phone Invitation of breast cancer screening Association to remember
To have a mammogram, and I was able to self-examination
For the first time since a long time.

“It is true that there is a lump on the left side of my chest,” he wrote. “I saw my doctor on Tuesday and Also asked for routine breast self-examination and regular to do, and I had to admit that I rarely do. Act

Regularly made the difference? “

Find a lump justification terrifying experience, and you should make an appointment with release date The doctor for check-out. Whenever you get a lump eat better. But remember,

It’s not always the worst scenario. Some benign tumors, and many of the women live cancer who were not worse It worse. The best way to avoid a state of fear to see her breasts often for any changes at all.

Previously, women were told to make sure that your breasts once a month. According to the new guidelines and guidelines
Women check their breasts every day. Do it when you put on your bra or when you are in

Self-test is the easiest part of the breast health. Mammography … Now this test is not a completely different ball

Good and evil, and mammograms

“Every two years, and I was afraid for mammography,” wrote a member of VN Sabina. “I still think there
As for the best way. ”

If you do not have one, be prepared. Mammography test their legs and breasts at least two different Methods. It hurts a lot, but it is a necessary evil. This test allows doctors to examine the entire breast mass And the search for anomalies. “I now have access to the digital system, and a lot less painful because the pressure is not “Said a member of the VN that the cat is required to be difficult, talk with your doctor to see if this is an option for you.

Mammography is a test which probably can not be improved. It is necessary, for the time being, to compress the breast Even doctors can have a look at it. It is a state of painful and annoying, but they can save your life at all.
Get the fastest possible once a year after the birth of the ceremony forty festival if you can afford it.

But it pays to check around your options. “Digital photography Mama incredibly fast,” says VN
Haralee members. “Yes, Isaac is still there, but it’s a short time for you to feel bad.”

Breast Health

You still need all the evidence, but it was not just a victim of her breasts. A proactive approach to Preserve the mother’s health and reduces the chances of developing cancer.

Hormones begin to fluctuate and breast begin to change after turning 40. You can begin to find the pieces. Action Do not despair if you do this. The American Cancer Society reports that about 80 percent of all biopsies are benign. above
70 percent of women with benign fibrocystic breast lumps that create problems.

Studies show that weight gain in middle age may be a risk factor for breast cancer health problems. Maintain a constant weight
Risk reduction. Self-exams performance and get the mammograms once a year, and pay attention to your Breasts. If you are thinking about them, and you are facing the risk of life-threatening cancer.

Bones Health After 45 : All the vital woman

Learn the prevention of osteoporosis
Osteoporosis is one of those dreaded words which always seems to be looming just above us, we have to wait for your
45 days holiday in the birth of the strike. All vital to find out what women should know about the prevention of osteoporosis.
What You Need to Know About Osteoporosis
According to a member of EmpowHER VN improve health – Changing Lives, “Osteoporosis is a bone loss
Staphylococcus, which can start at any time after the age of thirty. ”
An official report from the US surgeon general shows that
In 2020, it is estimated that half of all Americans
The age of 50 is twice the density of the bones. bone
It puts you in a higher density of fractures and fracture risk.
About 1.5 million people over the age of 50 suffer from
In fractures per year. Weak bones can be fatal.
And now for something really scary: One out of every five people
In an attempt to hip fracture end up in a nursing home
The public. Maintaining bone health.
Calcium and vitamin D recommended the Surgeon General, and
Physical activity as a way to prevent osteoporosis and maintain
Strong bones. You must get a lot of vitamin D. This
Vitamin helps the body absorb calcium. Without enough D
Vitamins, it does not matter if you eat tons of
Calcium because your body will not be able to use it.
A glass of milk about 300 mg of calcium. K
The recommended daily dose of calcium if you’re 51-70
1200 mg and female. Women under 50 only from a small calcium less than 0.1000 mg per day.
Perimenopausal women lose more than other bone mass quickly, and we must be more diligent in obtaining
There are a lot of calcium.
Pill: The quick fix
Many members who have faced VN taking osteoporosis medication to strengthen their bones.
“I have a fragile, if Fosamax and Actonel, but stopped after jaw pain,” said VN
Susanadele members.
It is easy to take birth control pills to prevent pregnancy, and many doctors are willing to describe. However, birth control pills often come with very
Side effects are complex. These drugs also tend to interact with each other in strange ways. Some medications
It may be caused by loss of bone density. Some anti-inflammatory drugs used to treat asthma and other
Circumstances, in fact, lead to weak bones.
Eat your way to better bone health
I found not only calcium good bone health. To guard
Osteoporosis, eating a “dark green vegetables such as Chinese cabbage, and
Broccoli, “says EmpowHER.
“Born in the intervention a regular basis, jogging or weight lifting exercise
Protection of bone density. They are more active, and B
And his bones like him. ”
“One of the most important parts of the bone is to take care of your diet.”
VN mscoach says a senior member of the commentator. “typical
American diet is very high acidity. ”
This is bad for the bones. What the body needs alkaline, which
It maintains bone density. “Animal protein, dairy products, sugar, alcohol,
All food injuries that negatively affect the bones with the passage of time, “explains
mscoach. It proposes its own budget with a high-alkaline diet
Foods such as fruits and vegetables. This means eating large amounts of
Beans, nuts, seeds, and fruits and vegetables yourself.
You should also avoid large amounts of salt, caffeine and
Alcohol. Even smoking can affect bone density. feed
Studies suggest that a diet rich in vitamin K, potassium, zinc,
Magnesium and fiber leading to high bone density.
The practice of bone health
Exercise can strengthen bones and muscles. “It’s a weight exercise, and taking calcium
And food, and thus complements your body does not have to take calcium from the bones different chemicals
Processes using “Christa advises VN.
Regular exercise and keep your body healthy in many respects, and is good for the bones. Exercise and stretching
Reinforcement to improve bone density and maintain strong exercises surrounding tissue.
Prevention of osteoporosis
Osteoporosis is scary, but it should not be. The mystery of the problem revealed by understanding how
Prevent and find out what you are doing. Focus on your diet and keep your health in general, and the will of the
Get the best bone health as a result.
Get a bone density test to see where you stand when it comes to bone health. Keep track of what
Eat and drink every day to make sure you get enough calcium and vitamin D to start taking
Dietary supplements, and if you do not get enough calcium every day through the food they eat. Exercise regularly and eat
And a balanced diet. That’s all you need to do to prevent osteoporosis and maintain strong bones.